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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Whether the sewer line in your business or home begins to corrode or gets damaged and you want to repair it, just call Plumber Charleston. Damaged sewer lines could affect your health or home. Sewer lines may get damaged because of a number of reasons and if they get damaged then the sewage could back up through the drains or may potentially leak into your business or home. Other signs of sewer failure include standing water and slow-moving drains. Whenever this happens you will notice a rotting smell. If you are looking for a service that can repair every kind of sewer damage and also prevents any kind of damage in the future, then trenchless pipe lining is the best investment for your business or home.




How We Handle Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Our technicians make use of trenchless pipe lining technology and make your process of repairing much easier and less messy. Our technicians will inspect your problem properly; remove any kind of rust and debris and will then install the pipe lining within 2-3 hours. In this process, the old pipe is cleaned properly and then an epoxy saturated felt tube is inserted into the pipe and is then allowed to cure in place. After the liner is cured, a new pipe is created within the old pipe. This new inner lining has a minimum of 50 years of life expectancy. So, whenever you need the service of trenchless sewer pipe lining just give us a call. No one can do the job better than us. Contact us today to know more about our trenchless sewer pipe lining for Charleston County, Berkeley County, and Dorchester County.

How Strong Is The New Inner Pipe?

The pipe that is used inside the old sewer pipe is made to last minimum for about 50 years. This means that it will protect you for a minimum period of about 50 years from all kinds of leakages and other problems. The inner pipe is made of polyester which is then “wet out” with 2-part epoxy resin mixed in a particular amount. The resin then heats up to 180 degrees by itself in about 20-30 minutes because of chemical reaction and becomes very hard. The new inner pipe is so strong that it can go under driveways, roads, and load-bearing footers etc.




Our Charleston Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Service

If you are looking for the best company that specializes in trenchless sewer pipe lining then we are the best choice for you. We provide all kinds of sewer repair services in Charleston County, Berkeley County, and Dorchester County. We are more than happy to help you. You can trust our technicians that they will always provide the best services. So, whenever you need trenchless sewer repair services just call Plumber Charleston. For further information about us give us a call at 843-300-1505.

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